Our Story

Here at Totally Proactive, we believe that you already have everything you need to be your best self. We believe that, with the right guidance, every person has the power to harness and embrace their own abilities. That with this guidance, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Totally Proactive promotes altruism as a powerful antidote to conflict and aims to empower individuals by increasing confidence, knowledge and situational awareness.

Founded in 2000, our company was designed using tried, true and tested, real life strategies to assist corporations in achieving personal empowerment for their employees, improved leadership and communication skills and developing key skills to improve relationships and manage difficult behaviours. 

Now, in 2020, we've brought our exclusively corporate and government agency training to the wider public because everyone can benefit from and use the life skills we teach.

Our Founder Kev Collister brings 30 years of experience across Military services, Victorian Corrective Services, dog-squad handler of the Security and Emergency Services Group, developing the prison emergency response unit and managing difficult behaviours of some of Australia's most dangerous criminals across Victoria's dangerous prisons.

A Note From Kev:

Hi! I’m Kevin Collister and welcome to Totally Proactive – also known as The School of Hard Knocks.

I’ll be sharing my insights gained over 30 years dealing with Australia’s most dangerous criminals and effectively managing difficult behaviour.

I don’t have a fancy degree, everything I’ve learnt has been tried and true and tested throughout my experiences and by getting my hands dirty on the ground. So, essentially, I’m just an everyday guy who learnt everything the hard way!

I’ve been running corporate training programs for the last twenty years. Now, due to popular demand, I’m opening my course to the public because everyone can benefit from and use the life skills that I teach.

My training course can be used anywhere from high risk situations to fostering meaningful relationships or having that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding.

Come along for the journey with me, let’s be proactive together.

See you on the inside! Kev