Learn better communication from Kevin's counter-aggression perspective based on extensive real life experience in high risk environments. No matter what your industry or role, Kevin will challenge you. He will question you, he will make you laugh, and he will amaze you with his stories. Kevin will leave you with a toolbox of life skills to ensure you are a totally proactive communicator at home and in the office.

Kevin's extensive experience includes military service, Victorian Corrective Services, being a dog handler and member of the Security and Emergency Services Group, a prison emergency response unit with state-wide responsibilities dealing with some of Australia's most dangerous criminals at times of greatest risk. He has worked as a crowd controller and security supervisor as well as caring for troubled children within community housing facilities.

Totally Proactive, formed in 2000, is how Kevin now assists companies and empowers people in their approach to communication. Clients include government departments, corporate companies, and small to medium businesses and not for profit agencies across Australia.

We do call on other trainers with a similar style to Kevin when required.

From an altruistic platform Kevin will customise a program incorporating his counter aggression non physical self defence communication program aptly named PEACE.

Kevin Collister

"Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences.

 No one can eliminate prejudices - just recognise them."

Edward R. Murrow, US broadcast journalist & newscaster